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The following documents are the Covenant Bylaws for the Condominium Housing Sites of Fenner Glen in Laketon Township, Michigan.






Fenner Glen Site Condominium (Full Packet)

Amendment 1

Amendment 2

Amendment 3

Section 1 - Explanation Form Pursuant to Section 84a of the Michigan Condominium Act, as Amended

Section 2 - Disclosure Statement

Section 3 - Recorded Master Deed

Section 4 - Condominium Bylaws (Exhibit “A” to Master Deed)

Section 5 - Site Condominium Subdivision Plan (Exhibit “B” to Master Deed)

Section 6 - Legal Description of Fenner Glen (Exhibit “C” to Master Deed)

Section 7 - Condominium Subdivision Plan with Additional Information (Exhibit “D” to Master Deed)

Section 8 - Articles of Incorporation for Fenner Glen Property Management, Inc.

Section 9 - Bylaws for Fenner Glen Property Management, Inc.

Section 10 - Escrow Agreement (form)

Section 11 - Preliminary Reservation Agreement (form)

Section 12 - Real Estate Purchase Agreement (form)

Section 13 - Waiver of Nine-Business-Day Period

Section 14 - The Condominium Buyers Handbook